R E A D Y   W H E N   Y O U   N E E D   U S    M O S T
April 21, 2016

Independent Quality Assessments

Approve-and-Sign-IconOur team has 12 years of experience conducting more than 300 performance assessments of ongoing projects for our clients looking to gain insight in how their customers perceive the value of the services delivered. We offer candid and valuable insight into client success in meeting agency needs beyond the normal capture and pursuit process.

Project Objectives:

  • To receive insight on the performance of their programs and their customer’s perception and satisfaction with these programs
  • To address customer concerns to prepare for and influence recompetes, improving pWin and enhancing your bond with your customer

This feedback provides a new perspective, insight into the customer’s evaluation of our clients’ performance, and the opportunity to correct problems and improve performance. Also, this valuable and timely insight often identifies opportunities for expanded business, improved intelligence on contract schedule and impending changes.

What We Do

We conduct 15-25 minute surveys with the key points of contact (Program Manager and deputy, Contracting Officer, Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative, Technical Point of Contact, and others as defined by the client) that oversee your performance on the projects you want to know more about. Our research team provides standard questions that cover all aspects of contract performance. Our professional interviewers probe to gain additional insight and answer valuable questions about the reasons behind the initial responses, and capture these responses for your review.

The Independent Quality Assessment takes between four and six weeks to implement and complete, and requires a good working partnership between your team lead and ours.

Experience demonstrates that these surveys provide critical information to support capture of new business, identify potential opportunities or risks before they emerge, and identify performers on your team who have made a difference. Our clients report that they move forward with confidence into recompetes, knowing what win themes resonate with the customer and where their strengths lie.

More than just themes, these surveys often point out tough truths about how a business unit may take programs for granted, including high management turnover which may be due to higher level decision making which made sense at a corporate level, but sometimes leaves a contract at risk.

Please contact us with any questions, and to discuss schedule, scope, and pricing.