R E A D Y   W H E N   Y O U   N E E D   U S    M O S T
September 7, 2013

About Us

Potomac Advisors is a professional group of proposal, communications, and business development consultants. We consistently exceed our clients’ expectations by providing the right person for the jobs they need done, at fair rates and a demonstrated record of excellence. When you tell us about the jobs you need done, we find the right people to match.

Potomac Advisors’ partners, Adam Price and John O’Reilly, work in the field and are always up to date with their clients’ war room needs. In addition to our continued commitment to knowing our clients and the latest proposal innovations, we find opportunities to work alongside our consultants to maintain a current knowledge of our consultants’ work quality. We often have teams of 4 to 7 consultants supporting various clients.

As professionals who take winning personally, we created Potomac Advisors to provide a vehicle to create great proposal teams, who in turn create great proposals for our clients. We have engaged a group of consultants that we want to work with because they are talented and because they always keep a clear focus on the client’s interests. We believe that the customer’s interest is served both by providing consultants who understand winning processes as well as providing these resources without weighing them down with considerable overhead.

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